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NOW IN ITS 60th YEAR, THE THURSDAY NIGHT TAROT meets most Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM in the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. All are welcome on any evening. There are no prerequisites and no start date. The class is free, in keeping with ancient custom. A Ňpass the hatÓ bag is available for voluntary contributions.


THE THURSDAY NIGHT TAROT has been discussing ancient and universal wisdom since 1950. Started by Jason Lotterhand, a friend and student of Paul Foster Case, The Thursday Night Tarot was led by JasonŐs long time associate and editor, Arisa Victor, following JasonŐs retirement in 1992. In 1999, Arisa asked Tanya Joyce to lead the group.


TanyaŐs introduction to metaphysics began in 1965 when she studied Medieval Literature at San Francisco State University (then College) with novelist, John Gardner. What tradition, Tanya wanted to know, encompassed the pentacle and the Virgin Mary, which were both painted on the shield of the knight, Sir Gawain. Ultimately, tarot provided answers.


Along the way, Tanya studied Christian contemplation with Basil Pennington and Matthew Fox. She attended and participated in numerous academic conferences held under the auspices of The Modern Language Association of America and The Institute for Medieval Studies. Tanya traveled to England to study the original Medieval manuscript of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight at the British Library, having the chance to turn its pages first hand on several occasions. Her knowledge of Taoism, began in 1958 at Western Michigan University, and her interest in Himalayan art, started in 1970 at ChicagoŐs Field Museum, added to her comprehension of archetypes expressed in tarot.


Tanya studied tarot with Robert LeRoy Smith, Jason Lotterhand, and Arisa Victor for ten years.



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