The Thursday Night Tarot


Introduction to The Thursday Night Tarot


The Thursday Night Tarot was started in San Francisco in 1950. 2020 marks its 70th year of informal weekly tarot conversations.


Our tarot conversations are open to all. There is no charge. We follow the ancient “mouth to ear” tradition, that is, people speaking and listening to one another. When we meet in person, we “pass the hat.” Each person contributes according to their own perspective.


Jason Lotterhand, who began the Thursday Night Tarot, liked to say that “Tarot exists to evoke thought.” At each group meeting we are guided by an enlarged color tarot card image. Tarot images are meditative images, just like a Tibetan thangka, an icon, mandala, or other meditative picture. 


Arisa Victor, Jason’s friend and editor, who led the group after Jason’s retirement, advised, “When working with tarot, bring love and light down into your body, arms, and hands.” Arisa also said, “All the cards are equally our friends.”


Tanya Joyce, who has a led the group since 1999, adds to Arisa’s advice, “We all have a few ‘high maintenance’ friends. At first, most people favor some cards and are put off by others. What we gravitate toward is different for different people. When we simply keep Arisa’s advice in mind, we relax.” 


One way to start getting to know a tarot deck is to look at the cards as though they were a travel brochure. Which scenes are most appealing? “Maybe I’ll go there first.” Pick out a card, or two or three, and put them up where you can glance at them occasionally during the day. After a few days, pick some different cards.


The possibilities are endless!


For more information contact


Tanya Joyce

POB 884311

San Francisco, CA 94188-4311


As of spring 2020, The Thursday Night Tarot is not currently meeting in person. We continue to observe Jason Lotterhand’s suggestion that “tarot exists to evoke thought.” Exchanges of email questions continue. Thursday Night Tarot weekly tarot commentaries continue as emails. Contact Tanya Joyce to join our email list or ask questions.


The Thursday Night Tarot