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Taroteer David Rodriguez’s website is made up of recordings of Jason Lotterhand’s Thursday Night Tarot classes.  A superb resource!  Nothing like it!



Our Text Books


Jason Lotterhand referred to Paul Foster Case’s book The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages as “our text book.”  For this and other books by Paul Fost Case go to


Jason Lotterhand’s own The Thursday Night Tarot book is a favorite to read.


The second edition of the book has added features including an introductary essay, and an expanded definition section.


The main text is not changed from the first edition.


The second edition is titled The Spoken Cabala, which is the original title Jason and Arisa wanted for the first edition.  The publisher thought the title was too far out, forty years ago, when the book was first published.



Contact Us


Call 510-428-0606 or email Tanya Joyce to be added to our email list.  We send weekly emails with calendar, directions, and events.


Currently, as of March 2020, all Thursday Night Tarot events are cancelled as we select from among the many options of responding to the corona virus  COVAD-19 outbreak..  Our emails continue.


Thursday Night Tarot discussions are the heart of what we do, continuing the centuries old tradition of in person exchanges of thoughts and ideas.


Usually, we focus on one major arcana card per meeting.  Special to our 70th anniversary, we are including the entire tarot deck.


Coloring Days


Beginning in 2016, we added Coloring Days, monthly gatherings at Tanya Joyce’s art studio, at which we add color to enlarged tarot cards and other images.


What does that have to do with tarot?


Paul Case emphasizes the importance of each of us coloring our own tarot keys.


Jason Lotterhand had 8½” x 11” enlargements made for everyeone, so that specifics of the pictures easier to recognize.


Coloring helps us perceive depths of many kinds.


Nothing is “ruined.”  No need to “stay inbside the lines.”


Recent Coloring Day explorations include using metallic paints for the sky of Key 3, The Empress, and using a silver metallic pen for the figures in Key 20, Judgement.


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