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“Studying” Tarot — The Thursday Night Tarot Way


When I hear a phrase like “studying a subject,” I am immediately reminded of school. “Marking periods” were six weeks long. At the end of each marking period we got a “grade.” We often took our report cards home with fear and trembling, anticipating a lecture about how we must do better. Often we wanted to hide our report cards, but our parents had to sign the report cards before we brought them back to school.


The Thursday Night Tarot is not that kind of studying.


Jason Lotterhand once said, “The purpose of education is to make us useful to society. The purpose of metaphysics is to get all the cows [us humans] out of the barn at night so they [we] can look up at the stars.”


Just look at the pictures.


At each meeting of The Thursday Night Tarot, there are three posters up. One has the 22 cards of the tarot major arcana, 4” x 7” size, arranged as in the Tarot Tableau. Here is the arrangement. Numbers are the numbers on tarot cards, so 0 = The Fool, 1 = The Magician, etc.




                      0 (The Fool)

























Another poster has an enlarged image of the tarot card we are focusing on. The third is a large color image of the cabalistic Tree of Life. Look these up on the internet if you are unfamiliar with them.


“Tarot exists to evoke thought,” Jason liked to say. He did not expand on this sentence. His eyes sparkled. A smile appeared on his face. “The rest is up to each of us,” he seemed to say.


Of course, there is an unending amount that can be learned. Some schools of tarot have optional proficiency tests. Others have mandatory tests. Some give out certificates – certifying people as experts, masters, and so forth.


The Thursday Night Tarot operates differently. You don’t have to attend a certain number of times. You are under no obligations. As Arisa Victor has often said, “I’d like it if the same people came to each class and I’d like it if they came every week.” Then she added with a laugh, “but that’s not how it works.” Arisa also said that Jason told her, “The Thursday Night Tarot works because each person leading it does it in their own way.”


“Where’s the discipline in that?” people have asked. The discipline lies in the fact that we are each pursuing these studies for no other purpose than to be doing so. We are not pursuing these studies for fame, for gain, for certificates, to impress our friends, or for any other reasons. A “class” is a word we sometimes use for an evening gathering, but no traditional class with a test or a “pop quiz” is implied. So join us, have fun, write, call, join our email correspondence, and later in 2020 – hopefully – we will meet again in person.


All are welcome to our tarot adventures as a central focus or combined with other philosophies, schools of metaphysics, and spiritual traditions.


The Thursday Night Tarot